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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Reading Resolutions

The new year is three weeks old. Did you make New Year's resolutions?
A resolution is a promise. Many people make resolutions to eat healthier, be kinder, or do more volunteer work. Those are just a few examples, but people can make any kind of resolution they want.

Why not have a reading resolution!
You could promise yourself to read more comics, more magazines, more chapter books, or whatever you feel is important to you.

Here is a reading resolution project that is important to many people.
The project is called People of Color Reading Challenge.
One of the best things about reading is you get to meet lots of different people. This project will help you meet all kinds of interesting people!

To do the challenge, go to the website by clicking this picture. It is an adult site, so ask a grown up for permission and help.
On the website you promise yourself to read books by and/or about people of color. That's it!
There are lists of titles on the website to help you find books, but most of these books are for teens or older.
You don't have to read the books that are listed, though.
I happen to have, right on my desk right now, a great picture book with a character of color .
It is Not Norman by Kelly Bennett. Great book!
I hope this reading resolution comes true for you!

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