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Sunday, January 31, 2010

It's About Time (a one act play/ comedy of errors)

Cast: Reporter (R) Writer (W)

Scene: Bookstore

R: Tell me about your book.
W: It’s about time.

R: I’m sorry I was late! So, how does your story begin?
W: ‘We’re all out of time.’

R: We just started! Could you explain the major conflict in this book?
W: Time is wasting away.

R: I couldn’t agree more, so how about if you just answer the questions!
What is the most important theme?
W: We can make time.

R: It’s about time!
W: Exactly.

R: Well, good, now we're getting somewhere. What is the title?
W: Take Your Time

R: I was done the question. Just tell the title.
W: That was the title.

R: What was the title?
W: Take Your Time.

R: Right, well, Can you tell me where the story happens?
W: In another time and place.

R: Well, so much for setting. How do the characters try to resolve the problem?
W: Stop the clock!!

R: Wow! It must be such a gift to be hit with inspiration!
W: There's no time like the present.

R: Okay then…Do the characters' actions resolve the problem?
W: That was a waste of time.

R: Well, thank you anyway. Is there a lesson to be learned here?
W: Better luck next time.

R: I don't think so, but I hope you hit the big time just the same.
W: It’s about time.

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