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Friday, April 24, 2009

Sneezin' Season (poetry, allergies)

One, Two,
ah.. ah.. AH.. AH.. CHOOO!

Three, four,
Why is my nose so sore?

Five, six,
Then suddenly, it clicks.

Seven, eight,
It's pollen; that's just great!

Nine, ten,
My allergies, again!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Spring Cleaning (fiction, family life)

It was Saturday. Not just any Saturday. It was the first Saturday that it hadn't rained in a month. And it was spring. Time for baseball!
“Can I go over Ryan’s house today?” I asked my mom.
She said, “No, Ben.” I had to help with spring cleaning.
“How about if I pitch a clean sweep at Ryan’s house?”
She just scowled. She has no sense of humor.
We started with the yard, since it was so sunny out. Mom trimmed branches and I piled them up by the street curb. Dad raked and my little brother Jack picked up the little rocks off the yard that the snow plow pushed there.
After a couple hours of that, we worked on the garage. While Mom and dad moved stuff out of the way, Jack and I swept the greasy, grimy floor.
When it was almost lunchtime, Mom said that Jack could be done, since he was only eight. I wanted to be done, too. Ryan wanted to practice pitching.
“Mom," I asked, "Can I go to Ryan’s after lunch?”
She looked at me, and my clothes, and sighed. I just knew she was going to give me one more chore.
“Yes, Ben” she said, “But I have one more spring cleaning job for you.”
I knew she was going to say that.
“Please take an April shower!”
Okay, I guess she has a little sense of humor!

copyright 2009 Dawn Bonnevie

Monday, April 20, 2009

What's in a name? Part Three (non-fiction, names)

Sometimes life is full of coincidences. Two things will happen together by accident, but it feels like the two things were supposed to happen together.
This morning I wrote a post here about names. This afternoon my family and I went to visit my sister and her husband. We talked about names all afternoon! We did not talk about this blog at all, though.
Can you guess why we talked about names? My sister is having a baby! I was so excited to find out! When people find out about a new baby on the way, one question they ask the parents-to-be is what names they are thinking of.
My sister wants to name the baby Annie if it is a girl. Annie was my grandmother's name. There is a good chance the baby might have curly red hair. If she has curly red hair, her name will not be Annie. Search 'Annie the Musical' online and you will see why not.
I am happy for my sister and her husband, and look forward to meeting our new family member. I'm sure the baby will have a name that is choosen carefully, and that is perfectly right for him or her.
Today was a good day for thinking about names.

What's in a name? Part Two (non-fiction, names)

If you read the post titled What's in a name? (at the top in green)then you know my name means 'beginning of a good life'. Here is another interesting thing about my name. It rhymes! My middle name is Marie. Dawn Marie Bonnevie is like a tiny poem. Dawn rhymes with the 'Bon' and Marie rhymes with the 'vie'. It might not sound like a rhyme where you live, though. That is because people in different places pronounce (say) words differently. For example, many people in New York do not think 'dog' and 'frog' rhyme.
Do you have a name that rhymes? What does your name mean? Ask you parents how they choose your name. It is fun to look in baby books to see what names mean. You could start a name collection. Look in phone books, on signs, and online for interesting names and write them in a notebook.
Some names just sound funny. Some names repeat, like William Williams, or Peter Peters. Some names are real people who have the same name as a character. There is a dentist named Charlie Brown that lives near me. Characters in books often have funny names because the author could make up whatever name they wanted! You can make up names, too!