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Sunday, January 31, 2010

It's About Time (a one act play/ comedy of errors)

Cast: Reporter (R) Writer (W)

Scene: Bookstore

R: Tell me about your book.
W: It’s about time.

R: I’m sorry I was late! So, how does your story begin?
W: ‘We’re all out of time.’

R: We just started! Could you explain the major conflict in this book?
W: Time is wasting away.

R: I couldn’t agree more, so how about if you just answer the questions!
What is the most important theme?
W: We can make time.

R: It’s about time!
W: Exactly.

R: Well, good, now we're getting somewhere. What is the title?
W: Take Your Time

R: I was done the question. Just tell the title.
W: That was the title.

R: What was the title?
W: Take Your Time.

R: Right, well, Can you tell me where the story happens?
W: In another time and place.

R: Well, so much for setting. How do the characters try to resolve the problem?
W: Stop the clock!!

R: Wow! It must be such a gift to be hit with inspiration!
W: There's no time like the present.

R: Okay then…Do the characters' actions resolve the problem?
W: That was a waste of time.

R: Well, thank you anyway. Is there a lesson to be learned here?
W: Better luck next time.

R: I don't think so, but I hope you hit the big time just the same.
W: It’s about time.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Supersister (book review)

Supersister is a book about a girl who can do things herself.
She is brave! She is helpful!
And her best work is yet to come.
Read Supersister to find out why!
This is a super book!

This is a picture of the author, Beth Cadena, reading Supersister
at a signing at Borders in South Portland, Maine. Guests at the signing made their own super masks. Thanks, Beth! We love your book!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Little Poem for Haiti

Thousands of hearts are but one,
Beating the rhythm of love.
As the gift is sung
It sends a sound
To those in pain and strife.

Thousands of hearts are but one,
Seeking the music of hope.
When the song is done
It tells the truth
It is life, it is life, it is life.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Reading Resolutions

The new year is three weeks old. Did you make New Year's resolutions?
A resolution is a promise. Many people make resolutions to eat healthier, be kinder, or do more volunteer work. Those are just a few examples, but people can make any kind of resolution they want.

Why not have a reading resolution!
You could promise yourself to read more comics, more magazines, more chapter books, or whatever you feel is important to you.

Here is a reading resolution project that is important to many people.
The project is called People of Color Reading Challenge.
One of the best things about reading is you get to meet lots of different people. This project will help you meet all kinds of interesting people!

To do the challenge, go to the website by clicking this picture. It is an adult site, so ask a grown up for permission and help.
On the website you promise yourself to read books by and/or about people of color. That's it!
There are lists of titles on the website to help you find books, but most of these books are for teens or older.
You don't have to read the books that are listed, though.
I happen to have, right on my desk right now, a great picture book with a character of color .
It is Not Norman by Kelly Bennett. Great book!
I hope this reading resolution comes true for you!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Wall of Wisdom

No Wall of Wisdom would be complete without a picture of
Martin Luther King, Jr.
The link below has lots of great information and pictures that you can use to add to (or start) your own wall of wisdom.

What is your favorite quote from Dr. King?
Write it down and hang it up!

clip art from

Friday, January 15, 2010

Kids Can Do It Update

Gabrielle Fuller, age 8 from North Carolina
Isabella Penola, age 12 from New York
have won a writing contest!
They won's "Be a Famous Writer" contest.

Their stories will be made into a video, which you can see on in March. Powell's Books is giving them a gift certificate to its bookstore.
Gabrille and Isabella will also get a copy of their story as a real book.
Gabrielle's story is called "Pretty Princess and Funky Frog."
Isabella's book is called "Spattered Mud and Crushed Petals."

Congratulations to these two young writers!

You can enter's writing contest in September. Start writing!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Book Collections (project)

You probably know what kinds of books you like. Do you like mysteries or adventures? Do you like books about snakes or horses? When you go to a library or a bookstore, you probably look for books that you like. If so, then you already know what kind of book collections you have, or would like to have.
Maybe you collect books from a certain series or books by the same author. You might like fairy tales and have several that would make a collection. I have a collection of Christmas books and buy a new one every December. I also collect cat picture books, and picture books about Japan (here are some in this picture).
You might discover that you have a book collection you didn't know you have!
Look through the books in your house and see if some of them go together (are similar in some way). You could display them like a bookstore would and play 'bookstore'. Get a date stamp and cards and play 'librarian'! Or you could just put similar books together on the shelf.
The next time you buy books, which collection would you like to add to, or what kind of collection would you like to start? Make a list of books you would like to look for.
The kinds of book collections you have tell a lot about you!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Winter Acrostic (poetry)

An acrostic is a poem that usually begins each line with a letter so that the beginning letters spell a word going down.
You don't have to worry about rhyming, just have fun!
How would you write an accrostic with the words WINTER NIGHTS?

Windows are lit
In the
Neighbors' houses,
Though it's the dark

No one minds being
Inside when the
Gnawing cold
The frozen
Shadows outside.